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Madonna Simons is a beautiful plus-size model who’s also body positive and a makeup artist.

Her TikTok channel has over 65k subscribers and she has made it her mission to show people all different types of beauty.

She also runs her Instagram channel @madonnathegoddess where she documents her journey to body confidence.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Model Madonna Simons

We’ve got an exclusive interview.

Madonna, how did you get your start in the modeling industry?

Madonna Simons: I was recruited at 17 while working at an IHOP. Shortly after I attended an open call and was signed with my agency. I have been with them ever since.

What does it mean to you to be a plus size model?

Madonna Simons: I am so proud to anchor a message of self-acceptance and self-love at any size. Plus size women are sexy and powerful. I just want to reinforce beauty comes in all sizes. You don’t have to adhere to unrealistic beauty standards!

Was it hard to fit into the industry’s idea of how a model should look? 

Madonna Simons: Yes it was. I constantly have to check in and remind myself to be authentic and that I am more than enough just as I am.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Model Madonna Simons

Do you think social media has played a part in the way people view plus size models?

Madonna Simons: Yes, I am so empowered by the responses I get from both women and men. People want to see real human beings and they want them to be themselves. I am grateful for all the love and support I receive. The way we perceive beauty is shifting. People aren’t putting up with the unrealistic standards set by the beauty industry.

What would you say is your personal style?

Madonna Simons: I am very feminine and I love to wield my power through the way I dress. I like to feel strong and powerful while showing off my curves. I wear slim-fitting silhouettes and I don’t hide. Also, love to feel sexy and I express that in the clothes I wear.

If you could change one fashion rule, what would it be and why?

Madonna Simons: Big girls should rock bikinis! Wear whatever makes you feel strong and beautiful. Pay no mind to what others think.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Model Madonna Simons

What are your thoughts on body positivity?

Madonna Simons: I am so grateful to have a platform to show women that they can be sexy and beautiful in any size. Your body is strong and powerful and it should be loved and adored. You have to accept yourself right here and right now. Wear the clothes you want and stand out. The more you say yes to yourself, it sends a message to your brain that you are loved. And a woman who loves her body is unstoppable.

You’re such a positive role model for young women. Who inspires you?

Madonna Simons: I am so inspired by Lizzo. She stands up and stands out. She is so strong and powerful in her body. Most people don’t realize how hard she works out and she eats a very clean diet. She is so empowering to women of all sizes. Her music is amazing and her clothing line is too!


How would you define the word “confidence”?

Madonna Simons: Confidence is feeling empowered in your own body. Knowing yourself and upholding boundaries that make you feel strong and respected. It’s having the courage to walk into any room and not be liked. Confidence is a muscle I pump every day. It’s like training your body to strengthen your muscles. I practice self-love and affirmation constantly. It reinforces how much I love myself and that my opinion of myself is the only one that matters.

Madonna Simons is @madonnaboudoir on TikTok, for an insight into her fashion life.

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  1. Great interview with a great inspiration!! Thank you Madonna for inspiring every size to be themselves❤️

  2. Beautiful interview all the way around. Madonna is such an inspiration. She is definitely going far in life with her grace and positive encouragement for women of all sizes, shapes and color. Keep up the hard work, and continue making a difference in this crazy world. We need more compassionate people like you in it. 💕🙏🏼✨🪄🦋


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