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Tamia Morris is a plus size influencer and a great person. We watched her grow in popularity over the years and it’s been amazing to see. From the time she started with just a few followers to now, when she has more than 24k followers on Instagram.

Tamia deserves all the success that she has achieved so far.

We also appreciate how she always puts in the effort to create an inclusive environment where everyone can find something relatable and inspiring.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Influencer Tamia Morris

Her fashion sense is on point and the photos are always aesthetically-pleasing.

We’ve got an exclusive interview.

Tamia, do you think that for women, in particular, body confidence is still an issue?

Tamia Morris: Absolutely, I still think it’s an issue because one day you can be so confident in yourself and the next you feel totally awful about yourself.

I love showing my fellow women that you can wear whatever you like and love yourself in it. It doesn’t matter how society feels about us plus-size women.

Do you feel that public perception of plus models and plus fashion has changed?

Tamia Morris: I feel like the public perception of plus-size models and fashion has changed because last year was the first time I’ve ever seen plus-size women in Miami’s swim week and I believe that is a massive step for plus-size models.

What is your motivation for being a model/Influencer?

Tamia Morris: My motivation for being an influencer/model is the fact that what I post can change someone’s life.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Influencer Tamia Morris

Fact that I can touch someone with a simple post or video showing that it’s ok to love your body how it is right now and that it’s ok to love your plus size self.

What do you hope will happen in the future for plus size models and their representation in the media?

Tamia Morris: I really hope that we can one day have a plus size princess on Disney, that would be an amazing step for us plus-size women.

Also, plus-size women play more main character roles in movies and shows because we are more than the butt of people’s jokes. We are the love interest, the lawyer, the doctor, and more.

What would you say is your personal style?

Tamia Morris: I feel like I have more than one style. Some days I’ll dress preppy and some days chic. It just depends on how I am feeling, and that’s how I dress.

If you could change one fashion rule, what would it be and why?

Tamia Morris: The fashion rule I would change is “Dress according to your shape” I believe that I as an apple-shaped woman can wear an outfit that society thinks only hourglass women can wear. I believe No matter your body shape, you can wear anything.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Influencer Tamia Morris

What has been the highlight of your career so far? Did you have an “I did it” moment?

Tamia Morris: The highlight of my career has been to finally start working with big brands like Rebdolls, Shein, and Lovelywholesale. Also having more than 100,000 followers on TikTok.

I’ve had so many I did it moments because I’m just so proud of myself, I never thought that I could be an influencer or a model.

What’s something surprising about plus-size modeling that people might not know?

Tamia Morris: It’s easier than you think just go for it. If that’s something you want to do.

How would you define the word “confidence”?

Tamia Morris: I would define confidence as being able to wear what you want and not care what people say about you. Being confident is loving yourself for who you are and knowing that you are that girl.

Tamia Morris is @queensizedmia on socials, for an insight into her fashion life.

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