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Denise J is a plus size influencer with 41k followers on Instagram. Her love of clothes, beauty, and life makes her one to watch!

She is absolutely beautiful and embraces her body while inspiring others to love themselves too.

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Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Influencer Denise J

We’ve got an exclusive interview.

So Denise, how did you get your start in the modeling industry?

Denise J: I don’t really consider myself a model. I just started taking pics of myself in my outfits and posting them on social media.

I really started taking SM seriously about a little over a year ago, & that’s when brands started reaching out.

I’ve learned a lot within the last year.

What does it mean to you to be a plus size model?

Denise J: SM has reared its ugly head toward the plus size community. We’ve worked hard to carve out our place on SM. So, when I post my plus size style content, my biggest hope is to simply do my part in showing other plus size people that they are beautiful & worthy of existence, & you can look good while doing so.

Was it hard to fit into the industry’s idea of how a model should look?

Denise J: I didn’t care about the industry’s idea. I liked the way I look in my fit and so did others. That’s all that mattered.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Influencer Denise J

Do you think social media has played a part in the way people view plus size models?

Denise J: SM has created such a toxic idea around beauty that it has tricked everyone if we’re being honest. But it also conjured a conversation that needed to be had. Plus size representation above a size 16 was desperately needed, but not genuinely welcomed.

What would you say is your personal style?

Denise J: I’ve been on a self-rediscovery journey for a while & have been playing around with different styles. But it really depends on my mood. Right now, for the fall season, I’m giving sexy chic. Form-fitting, a little skin, and layers.

If you could change one fashion rule, what would it be and why?

Denise J: To not obey the fashion rules. I think fashion/style is personal. It makes each of us unique. Wear what makes you happy.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Influencer Denise J

What are your thoughts on body positivity?

Denise J: Until social media, I didn’t body positivity was a thing. I fully support and embrace it. The message to love your body, despite its flaws, is a powerful one. And in today’s world, we need more empowering messages like that.

You’re such a positive role model for young women. Who inspires you?

Denise J: You know, sometimes you don’t think your message is being received. And just when you’re about to call it quits, you get a message from someone that something you posted helped them in some way. That is what inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing.

How would you define the word “confidence”?

Denise J: Confidence is the ability to love, believe, depend, and look within yourself. Every single one of us is born with it. It’s just a matter of how we’re brought up that determines if it shrinks or grows.

Denise J is @__denisej__ on socials, for an insight into her fashion life.

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