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Amber is a very beautiful Instagram influencer with more than 51 k followers.

In this article, you will get to know who she is and see her lifestyle as she has been interviewed.

She shares her knowledge and experience to show how anyone can achieve their dreams, big or small.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Influencer Amber

We’ve got an exclusive interview.

So Amber, how did you get your start in the influencer industry?

Amber Lynn: I just decided to start modeling stuff on my Instagram page. And people decided they wanted to look.

What does it mean to you to be a plus size model?

Amber: To me, it means being honest. It means showing what clothes actually look like, including bloopers, like when things don’t fit parts of your body (which I do). It also means being the target of trolls who take it as a personal insult that you dare to look happy or put yourself out there.

Was it hard to fit into the industry’s idea of how a model should look?

Amber: I’ve decided what I want to wear and when. I mean, it’s clear that I don’t fit into society’s narrow view of what beauty is, but I don’t let that bother me.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Influencer Amber

Do you think social media has played a part in the way people view plus size models?

Amber: Social media is a hugely pervasive being. It plays an enormous role in how anybody views anything anymore. So yes for sure, it plays a role in that.

What would you say is your personal style?

Amber Lynn: Day to day, my style would be functional (because I have four kids), but feminine. I like babydoll tops and dresses with leggings. And I need to be able to layer since I live in a really cold house!

If you could change one fashion rule, what would it be and why?

Amber: I would change the status of stilettos as the all-end of “sexy.” They are dangerous (laughing).

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Plus Size Influencer Amber

What are your thoughts on body positivity?

Amber: I think body positivity is absolutely imperative for the mental health and well-being of a lot of fat people. So many people NEED to see that they aren’t alone, people DO look like them, and they can and do deserve to have a joyful and happy life.

You’re such a positive role model for young women. Who inspires you?

Amber: Tess Holliday is definitely the first and foremost for me. She was the first fat person I ever remember seeing in any sort of publication who wasn’t covered up or doing something silly. She has been my absolute inspiration for giving me permission to wear what I want.

How would you define the word “confidence”?

Amber: That’s a tricky one. Confidence obviously means a lot of different things to different people, but for me, it means I have the ability to give myself permission to be happy, go where I want, and wear what I want. It means that I know I’m fine the way I am, and any issues people have been on them. Confidence waxes and wanes, but I’m generally on the up now!

Amber is @forever_amber_lynn on social, for an insight into her fashion life.

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