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Wolfehexe is a published alternative model. She is from Melbourne, Australia.

She loves goth culture and believes the goth aesthetic is about self-expression and rebellion against social norms.

As an Instagram influencer, she has more than 22 k followers.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Model & Influencer Wolfehexe

We had the opportunity to speak with her and ask her a few questions.

Wolfehexe, what is your motivation for being a model and Instagram Influencer?

Wolfehexe: My motivation for wanting to become a model to start with was that I never thought it was something I would be able to do. As I got older, I realized that you don’t need to be skinny to be able to feel beautiful that was something that I thought my entire life that I would only ever be happy if I was skinny, or that I would only ever be loved if I was thin, I started posting photos feeling confident in myself and I noticed that a lot of people could relate and appreciated what I was doing.

My entire life I’ve been bullied for being a bigger girl and I spent too many years aching to be smaller. It wasn’t till my mid-20s I realized, it’s fucking exhausting hating yourself. If I had someone like myself to look up to when I was younger, I would have realized that a long time ago, I wouldn’t have wasted so many years, hating myself. So my biggest motivation for becoming an Instagram influencer/model is for the younger generation of girls who can see that you can be beautiful no matter what shape or size, no matter what scars you have. You are still capable of feeling beautiful and being loved.

What is the most important lesson you have learned as a model?

Wolfehexe: I’m still learning so much but I think a big lesson I’ve learned is that it’s really good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Get your name out there and book that session with that photographer and just go for it. You’d be surprised how many people are rooting for you. Plus, it is amazing to meet people who have similar passions to you! I have met some incredible people in the field.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Model & Influencer Wolfehexe

What do you think of social media nowadays and how has it impacted your work?

Wolfehexe: I think social media has some great aspects and some not-so-great.
From my perspective and what I’m trying to put out there into the world, I think it’s been amazing, especially in my self-love journey.

Social media had a big part in helping me feel more confident in myself and to help me pursue my modeling career. I found models that I looked up to and aspire to be like they showed me that you can be a model in any shape or size and you don’t need to be perfect. I’m hoping that I am doing the same for others.

What would you say is your personal style?

Wolfehexe: I would say my style is 90s relaxed grunge/Gothic.

What is your favorite product to wear?

Wolfehexe: My favorite thing ever to wear is an oversize tee, with my vans.

Plusmermaids Exclusive: An Interview with Model & Influencer Wolfehexe

If you could change one fashion rule, what would it be and why?

Wolfehexe: If you ask anyone, I’m not the biggest fan of pants and if it was up to me, not wearing pants would be acceptable.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? Did you have an “I did it” moment?

Wolfehexe: I’ve had a lot of highlights in 2022 as that’s when my modeling career took off. However, I was very happy when I realized that I had been officially published in a magazine. It was the first photo shoot I had ever done, and to be published felt like such a huge success. I have the magazine on display in my living room. I never in my wildest dreams I would be published in a magazine.


I also had an I did it the moment when INKD Magazine published me on their IG.

How would you define the word “confidence”?

Wolfehexe: Just love yourself, unconditionally and fully. Being kind to yourself and just being relaxed and content with who you are as a human. Also, realize that nobody is perfect and we are all trying our best, and we are all learning and growing.

Wolfehexe is @wolfehexe on social, for an insight into her fashion life.

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